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[Nichiren is pronounced: "nich-er-uh n;" Japanese, "nee-chee-ren"]



Hi, my name is Claire Elliott...

I was the 6 month old baby girl (also known as the Gerber Baby) who was officially identified as the sole, true, bona fide, legal Dalai Lama in my living room in Los Altos, California USA on April 21, 1966 - the time of this drawing (despite all corporate propaganda stating otherwise). Artist: a very young Gary Murie, long before he was ever a member of SGI-USA. Because I was an American girl, Tibetan officials decided it was best to keep in place the adult male who was standing in for me... and this man remains in place to this very day.

In the summer of 1974, I co-founded and extensively co-planned the SGI (Soka Gakkai International) in my living room in Old Greenwich, Connecticut USA when I was 8 years old. My father, Daisaku Ikeda, may be known as the only SGI president, but always have I been [the other] SGI president.

Then, on July 22, 1979 at the age of 13, I became the very first high priestess of Buddhism when High Priest Nittatsu of Nichiren Shoshu was murdered. Always has my office been kept a strict secret due to me being an American girl.


However, it is my most rigorous lifelong training - not any of my honorific titles - that qualifies me to be your healer.

On May 3rd, 2001, I founded Department of Empowerment upon the campus of Soka University of America in Aliso Viejo, California. Since that time, others have been secretly operating the Department of Empowerment in my absence and there are thousands upon thousands of secret members of the Department of Empowerment worldwide.

At this time, only those at the upper echelon of society with a top secret security clearance are allowed to become members of the Department of Empowerment. This is because I am still classified by the U.S. government as top secret, forcing me to operate alone without any direct contact with any of these secret members. 

Thus, this is the very first time that I am offering my healing services

to the general public.

Definition of shaman, by Merriam-Webster Dictionary:



noun  sha·man  \\ ˈshä-mən , ˈshā- also shə-ˈmän \\ play

Popularity: Bottom 50% of words Updated on: 5 Dec 2017

plural shamans

1a priest or priestess who uses magic for the purpose of curing the sick, divining the hidden, and controlling events

2one who resembles a shaman; especially : high priest 3


 play \\shə-ˈma-nik, -ˈmä-\\ adjective
NEW! Time Traveler
First Known Use: 1698

What the shaman does may appear like "magic," but it is not. By her very nature, a shaman may bring about massive change, but never does she attempt to "control" anything.

If anything, the shaman is like a time traveler... so it is very interesting that Merriam-Webster has a new app - Time Traveler - that tells you when a particular word was first used in history.

Shamans operate on the spiritual plane, but they do not have anything to do with the "evil spirits" which cause themselves or their clients to suffer. A shaman acts as God's conduit to rid herself and all the people around her of these "evil spirits." But a NICHIREN BUDDHIST SHAMAN takes it even further by finding a way to completely transform these "evil spirits" into medicine for your life.

I have been lovingly referred to as a NICHIREN BUDDHIST SHAMAN since the time I was a little girl.

It was by being a NICHIREN BUDDHIST SHAMAN that I was able to transform all the hardship and torture in my life that Nichiren Buddhists credit to the devilish functions. Because of who I am, I have always been an irrestistible magnet and target for all of these devilish functions which take the form of people, groups, situations and events, etc. in a person's life and can affect her state of mind. Since even before my birth, I have literally died on numerous occasions, but God/dess the Mother / Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the archangels, all other gods and goddesses, my guardian angels, my spirit guides, the fairies, animal guides, plant guides and the prophets - collectively known as the protective forces of the universe, as referred to by Nichiren Buddhists - have always caught me inside their arms and put me right back into my body after restoring it again and again. I am a living miracle of God/dess. This may be difficult for many to believe, but this is the only reason why I am here with you, today. And this is what makes me like a Christian in so many ways.

Clearly, I have overcome the impossible in my own life, so I very much look forward to helping you transform each and every one of the challenges that you face in your own life, no matter how severe these challenges may be. I can help you to discover the true joy in whatever situation that you find yourself in... just as I have. You already are enlightened just as you are and I can help you to fully embrace this sacred truth about yourself as soon as possible.


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I very much look forward to working with you.



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